This page is to register for CMP Wrestling (CMPW).  If you want information to register online for TGA Open or Beginners’ Tournaments, go to TOURNAMENT PROCEDURES under the GUIDELINES menu.  If you want only to participate on a daily or monthly basis as a non-club member, you need to go to TERMS, CONDITIONS and MEDICAL RELEASE FORM to print the necessary form under the GUIDELINES menu.

Online Registration is coming soon!

Until then, come to CMPW to register.
  1. Please bring your child with you to registration.

We will weigh your child, measure their height, size them for a singlet (even if they will not be purchasing one), and possibly size them for shoes.  We will also need all their clothing sizes: shirt, shorts, jacket, pants, and shoe sizes.  Sometimes we get promotional clothing and if we don’t have your child’s sizes, he or she will miss out.  We also ask for the parents’ shirt sizes.

  1. Make sure you bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate.

It does not have to be a certified copy.

  1. If your child is a middle school student, bring a copy of their progress report or report card.

For our middle school events, we need proof of what school they attend and what grade they are in.

  1. You will need to provide us your insurance information:

Insurance Company, Policy Number, Physician’s Name and Number.  Please be prepared to list any allergies, current medication, or medical conditions that your child may have.

  1. You will need to tell us about your child’s wrestling experience.

If your child is a new member with our program and they have wrestled with another program or other programs, please be able to provide the following:  Name of the Club(s), School Year(s) they participated, the grade they were in, the Age Group they participated, their Weight Class, and participation or placing of any State Qualifier or State Tournament.

Note: The registration process will take approximately 30 minutes, depending on how well you come prepared with information.  It is recommended that you look at the other options below.

Other Options:

Option 1:

Below is our Registration Form in an Excel spreadsheet (2010 version, xlsx format).

2014 Registration Form 1001 Questions (Protected) – Last Name, First Name

  • Do not use this unless you have Microsoft Office 2010 or higher.  If you do not have Microsoft Office 2010 or higher, go to Option 2:
  • If you have Microsoft Office 2010 or higher, you are welcome to fill this out at home and either email it to us or bring it with you when you bring your child in for recording their weight, height, singlet size, and etc.
  • Click on the file and open it. Rename the file the same name with the exception of your child’s Last Name, First name. (Example: “Registration Form 0924 Questions (Protected) – Smith, John”).  At the bottom of the spreadsheet are two tabs: Registration Questions & Wrestling Experience.  Returning club members only need to fill out the “Registration Questions” tab.  New club members will need to fill out the “Wrestling Experience” tab as well.  Once you have filled out the spreadsheet, email it to us or bring it in on a memory device.
  • Once you come in, the process will take approximately 10 minutes.

Option 2:

If you do not have Excel 2010 or higher, below is a pdf file of both the tabs.

2014 Registration Form 1001 Questions – Last Name, First Name

2014 Registration Form 1001 Wrestling Experience – Last Name, First Name

  • Click on each file and print the two documents.
  • Fill them out and bring the documents with you to registration. You will still have to type in the information but we will have a volunteer here to help enter this information when you arrive.
  • Once you come in, the process will take approximately 20 minutes.