1.  If the Dual Meet is on a Monday –Thursday night, we typically will arrive at 5:30 p.m. to warm-up and tentatively we will start wrestling at 6:00 p.m.  If the meet is on a school night, Monday – Thursday, wrestlers can go home at 8:30 p.m., unless they have a match.  Make sure you do not leave without the permission of the Head Coach.
  2. If you leave without permission, there will be a $10 fine per child.  If you have more than one child, each child will receive a fine.
  3. Our goal is to provide each wrestler on both teams with at least one match.  To be able to meet this goal, some wrestlers may have to wrestle more than one match.  If you take your child without permission, you may leave a child on the opposing team without a match.   Some schools charge parents to attend the event.  Parents are not happy when they pay to watch their child wrestle, set through the whole event, and then are told you left.
  4. Wrestlers are to remain seated in the bleachers or other designated area until the end of the dual meet.
  5. This is a team sport, and as such, all wrestlers should give each other the courtesy of staying and watching each match.  Please do not allow your child to run around during the event.
  6. Parents may bring their child something to drink, but, please, no food.  We do not want anyone eating before they wrestle.  It is also not polite to eat in front of those that cannot because they have not yet wrestled or not finish wrestling.
  7. Two coaches (team appointed personnel) will be permitted on or near the edge of the mat.  Parents will not be permitted at the edge of the mat for the purpose of coaching or cheering.  Wrestlers and parents should not disrupt or distract the coaches during a match.  The coaches need to concentrate on the match taking place at the time.
  8. Wrestlers shall wear singlets and protective headgear.  This aids scorers and officials in scoring the match.  T-shirts and shorts can be worn but not recommended.
  9. Individual challenges for each weight class (“wrestle offs”) will take place prior to each new dual meet and after the previous event except (1) when dual meets or events are on consecutive days, or (2) when no practice is held between dual meets or events.  Wrestle offs will take place immediately after practice.  The previous wrestler will have the advantage, if any, during the wrestle off procedure.
  10. Wrestlers will weigh-in for each dual meet at the end of the practice prior to that event.  Everyone must weigh-in!  It may become necessary for a 2nd string wrestler to wrestle at a dual meet if the 1st string wrestler cannot compete.
  11. Boys may have to compete against girls from other programs or schools.
  12. Coaches, parents, and wrestlers are asked not to block the view of any spectators of any matches or of the score tables.  Wrestlers and parents are expected to stay off the mats during competition.  If coaches are placed on the mat in which they can block the view of spectators if they are standing up, they are expected to remain sitting during the competition.

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