This page is design to inform us which events you will be attending.  You will need to fill out this form for each event that you will participate in.

Please have this form filled out for local weekend events that are on a Friday-Sunday by Wednesday before the event.

National events and events requiring a hotel stay will need to be filled out much sooner.  Please check with us on these dates so you do not miss any deadlines.

The singlets are to be return at the conclusion of the event.  Please do not take the singlet(s) home.  Please do not wash the singlet and certainly do not put the singlet in the dryer.  The replacement cost of a singlet is $85 plus shipping.

Several of our participants belong to other clubs and wrestle under that club/school name.  Although we do not care what club/school name you wrestle under, you might want to know that in Team GA (TGA) events and in some National events, the wrestlers from the same club/school are separated to their best ability in traditional brackets.