1. All participants are required to have a USA Card.  Cards can be obtained online at the TGA website.   Go to PURCHASING A USAW CARD.
  2. Refunds cannot be requested after three (3) business days.  All requests for refunds must be in writing.  All refunds are subjected to a $25 processing fee.
  3. There is a minimum $25 returned check fee.
  4. Each participant will need to provide a copy of their birth certificate.  It does not have to be a certified copy.
  5. Information about the club will be provided through emails and at club meetings.  It is the responsibility of the parents to read their emails and be at the meetings.  If a parent cannot be at a meeting, it will be their responsibility to get the information from someone that attended the meeting.  Do not expect the coaches and officers to provide the information if you did not attend the meeting.
  6. Parents are responsible for any damage done as a result of their child’s actions.
  7. Unsportsmanlike conduct and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
    • After the first offense, your child will receive a warning.
    • After the second offense, a parent will be contacted.
    • After the third offense, your child may be removed from the program with no refund.
  8. The coaching staff reserves the right to remove without a refund any parent or child from the program if they are not acting in a responsible manner.  Parents are expected to abide by the following rules:
    • Promote the emotional and physical well-being of their child and other participants ahead of their personal desire to win.
    • Remember that their child participates in wrestling for their enjoyment not for their parents.
    • Demonstrate good sportsmanship and provide support through their actions for all participants, coaches, officers, and officials to provide a positive experience for themselves and others.
    • Treat all players, coaches, officials, parents, and spectators with respect and dignity through language, attitude, behavior, and mannerisms.
  9. Personal  Hygiene:
    • Wrestlers should be clean shaven, fingernails clipped short, and hair trimmed and well groomed.
    • If a participant is suspected of having a communicable skin disease or any other condition that makes participation appears inadvisable, the parent shall be required to provide current written documentation from an appropriate health-care professional stating that the suspected disease or condition is not communicable and that the athlete’s participation would not be harmful to any opponent.
    • Each contestant who has braces or has a special orthodontic device on his or her teethshall be required to wear a tooth and mouth protector.  A tooth and mouth protector (intraoral) shall include an occlusal (protecting and separating the biting surfaces) and a labial (protecting the teeth and supporting structures) portion and cover the teeth and all areas of the braces or special orthodontic device with adequate thickness.  This would include upper and lower teeth if devices are present on both.  It is recommended the protector be properly fitted and:
      • Constructed from a model made from an impression of the individual’s teeth and braces or special orthodontic device.
      • Constructed and fitted to the individual by impressing the teeth and braces or special orthodontic device into the tooth and mouth protector itself.
    • Bandage all wounds before coming to practices and events.
    • Because of the body contact involved, all wrestlers and their clothing should be clean.
    • In order to keep the mat clean, wrestling shoes should not be worn off the mat and street shoes are prohibited on the mat.
    • It is advisable to bathe immediately after wrestling because of the possibility of communicable skin diseases.
  10. We would like to encourage each wrestler to participate in at least 3-5 tournaments.
  11. Please walk your children to and from the wrestling room.  Do not drop them off at the club’s front door and allow them to wonder the facility unattended.
  12. We use the facility with Premier Martial Arts and they have been kind enough in the past to share this space with us.  It is very important that CMP Wrestling respects them and their facility and equipment.  It is important that we cleanup after ourselves and not leave any burden on Premier Martial Arts. No shoes should be worn on the Martial Arts Mats.  No wrestler, no wrestling parent, or family member of a wrestler should be on the Martial Arts Mats without the invitation of Premier Martial Arts.  A representative with Premier Martial Arts must be in the facility to invite you on their mats.
  13. If a wrestler places in the Kids State Qualifying Wrestling Tournament, he/she is expected to participate in the Kids State Wrestling Tournament.
  14. Any equipment, clothing or items that are purchased or earned through the club and are not picked up by the end of the season’s banquet will become the property of the CMP Wrestling (CMPW).
  15. Parents wanting to volunteer as coaches are expected to work with and help develop all children/participants in addition to their own child or children.
  16. When two of our participants are competing against each other, whether in practice or in an actual competition, coaches are expected to refrain from coaching or cheering either participant.  We do not want to give any participant the impression that we favor one wrestler/participant over the other.  There are exceptions to this rule and will be explained in detail to the coaches.  Some of the exceptions are:
    • Coaches will be advising wrestlers/participants during practice while attempting to develop the wrestlers’ skills.
    • When two of our participants are competing against each other at the Qualifying and/or State Tournaments, a coach may be allowed to coach his own child and another coach may be allowed to coach his opponent.

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