For practices times, see CLASS SCHEDULE.

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early.
    • Please walk your children to and from the wrestling room. Do not drop them at the club’s front door and allow them to wonder through the facility unattended.
    • Dress out or change into CLEAN workout clothes.
    • Weigh-in without your shoes on.
    • Put shoes on and be ready to wrestle when practice begins.
  2. We would prefer a parent of each wrestler to remain at practice in case of an emergency.
    • We may be hosting classes for parents to learn about wrestling during some of our practices.
    • We will also be completing statistical charts during practices. These charts will be used to rank our wrestlers in the states and to give out awards at our end of the season banquet.
  3. After practice take wrestling shoes off. DO NOT WEAR WRESTLING SHOES OUTSIDE!
    • Make sure you weigh-out before leaving. Whatever you were wearing when you weigh-in, you must wear when you weigh out. The purpose of weighing your child before and after practice is to monitor weight loss during practice.

Please do not feed your child a big meal before practice.  Allow your child at least one hour to digest their food before bringing them to practice.  A small healthy snack should be fine.  

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