1. These tournament Procedures are for TGA M.S. DUALS TOURNAMENTS.
  2. See TGA OPEN & BEGINNERS’ TOURNAMENTS PROCEDURES for Team GA (TGA) Open & Beginners’ Tournament events.
  3. Wrestlers must provide a copy of their birth certificates to CMP Wrestling (CMPW) to participate.
  4. Wrestlers must have a current USA Wrestling (USAW) Athlete Card to compete in any USAW or TGA event.
  5. Wrestlers must commit to CMPW at least one week prior to the date of the event to participate.
    • There is no online registration for these events.
    • The average cost per wrestler is $15.  Checks are to be made out to “CMP Wrestling” and due one week prior to the event.
    • CMPW will write a check to the tournament host to cover the registration for the whole team.
    • If you cannot make the event or decide not to attend, there are no refunds.
    • Each wrestler will have to commit to a particular weight.  If you do not make weight, the team will have to forfeit your matches and you lose your participation fee.  If you are registering for 90 lbs then you must weigh 90 lbs or less. 
  6. Flyers for the tournaments can be found at
  7. The day of the event, all wrestlers will meet at CMPW to check our weight and receive a singlet for the day.  We will car pool together to the event.  If we have a bus or van available, all wrestlers will ride together.
    • Singlets will be returned at the end of event.
    • After the event, wrestlers may ride home with their parents.
      • Parents must notify the Head Coach and the Assistant Coach if their child will be riding home with them. 
      • We need to know who will be riding back with us.  Those riding back with us will need to have their parents pick them up at CMPW.
      • Do not leave before getting the permission of the Head Coach to leave.
  8. Wrestlers will be required to weigh in with their singlet or a t-shirt and shorts.  Wrestlers will weigh-in at the designated time for each tournament (tournaments’ times of weigh-ins and competition may vary):
    • Typical TGA M.S. Dual Tournaments are on Sundays.
      • Wrestling will commence as soon as possible.
  9. During the tournament, all wrestlers are expected to remain with the team and in the bleachers.  This enables the coaches and program members to easily locate the boys when necessary.  Wrestlers will be allowed to go to the restrooms and concession stand but should not leave the building.  Wrestlers will be allowed to stretch prior to each of their matches.  Please do not be running around and playing on the mats before or during competition.  This is how most of the injuries occur.
  10. Coaches, parents, and wrestlers should not crowd the mats.  This creates an unsafe environment for the wrestlers competing. 
  11. Coaches, parents, and wrestlers are asked not to block the view of spectators sitting in the bleachers.  Be particularly aware of not blocking coaches’ and spectators’ view of the score board.
    • Coaches are asked to sit or kneel on the mat if standing up will prevent anyone from viewing the match or the score board.
  12. Protective headgear is required but singlets are not.  A wrestler may wrestle in a t-shirt and shorts but it is highly recommended to wear a singlet.  This aids team mates, coaches, and other program members in locating the wrestler when necessary.
  13. During tournament competition, two coaches with a USA Coach’s Card (team appointed personnel) will be permitted at the edge of the mat. 
  14. During tournament competition, boys may wrestle girls from other programs or schools.

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