2.  See the TGA M.S. DUALS TOURNAMENT PROCEDURES for Team GA (TGA) Middle School Duals Tournament events.
  3. Wrestlers must have a current USA Wrestling (USAW) Athlete Card to compete in any USAW or TGA event.
  4. Wrestlers will need to pre-register online at for each TGA Open or Beginners’ Tournaments.   There is a registration fee for each tournament.  Wrestlers will have to register by 10 p.m., on Thursday for the following Friday night’s, Saturday’s, and Sunday’s tournaments.  Weight changes will be open until 10 p.m. Thursday night.  If you do not make the weight you registered for, you forfeit your matches and your money.  You can register for two weight classes, your weight class and / or the one above, but you have to wrestle in your age group.  There is an exception to this for veteran wrestlers.  If you register for two weight classes, you have to pay two entry fees. Register early!  Tournaments will close early if they meet their maximum participation.
  5. Steps to register for a tournament.
    1. Go to   Create a user account for yourself.
    2. Log into the system.
    3. Click on the tournament icon for the tournament that you wish to register for.
      • If the tournament icon is not present for the tournament you wish to register, go to the bottom of the page and select a tournament under “Tournaments other than listed above.”  Click the scroll down arrow and choose your tournament.
      • Matrix:
        • The Matrix indicates how many wrestlers have registered for each weight class.
        • Click the “Matrix” menu.
        • To view the Matrix, please select a tournament from the drop-down list.
        • The Matrix will appear at the bottom of the page.  Here, you can view how many wrestlers have register for each weight class at each age group.
      • Once you click on the tournament icon, you will see 4 options from left to right:
        1. If you need to add another athlete, click “ADDING ANOTHER ATHLETE…”
        2. Enter your child’s USA Card number.
          • If you purchased your USA Card through Team GA for this year and did not renew your USA Card, then you will be provided a temporary number, GAW#######.  The actual number will be assigned in 7-10 business days.
        3. Enter your child’s USA Card number, first or last name and click “continue”.
          • If you enter your child’s first or last name, you will be provided a list of names.  Choose your child’s name and click “Add to my Account”.
        4. In order to move this wrestler to your account you must enter the wrestler D.O.B.
          • Enter your child’s month, day, and year of their birthday and click “Confirm Move!”
        5. You will receive the following message:
          • This wrestler has been moved to your account.
          • You can start registering this wrestler for tournaments.
          • DONE
        6. Now with the mouse press where it says: Click here to go Back to Main Page.  This will take you to the location to register for the tournament.
        1. If you need to change a current registration, click “CHANGE a CURRENT REGISTRATION…”
        2. Select a Tournament.
          • When the Tournament Closes and changes cannot be made, the tournaments will not be listed in the drop-down list.
        3. Select a Wrestler.
        4. Note:  Not sure what the steps are at this point.  These steps will have to be added later.  If you do this, please provide us the steps.
        1. To print a current eticket, click “PRINTING a CURRENT eTICKET…”
          • You need to print an eticket for each event you attend and take it with you.  This has proof of your registration and a copy of your USAW Athlete card.
        2. Select a Tournament.
        3. Select a Wrestler.
        4. Scroll down to the bottom of the “eTicket.”  Click “Print This Page” to print your “eTicket.”
        1. If you need to start a new registration, click “STARTING a NEW REGISTRATION…”
          • If you have a wrestler or wrestlers on your account that do not have a current USAW Athlete Card, you will see an icon “NO Valid USA CARD – Purchase one Now Here!”  If you click “NO Valid USA CARD – Purchase one Now Here!,” you will be taken to a menu to purchase a USAW card.
        2. Click “VALID USA CARD – Click HERE to Register.”
          1. Select a “Wrestler.”
          2. Select a “Style…”
          3. Select a “Class…”
            • 6 and Under (6U, 5-6 , Pee Wee)
            • 8 and Under (8U, 7-8, Bantam)
            • 10 and Under (10U, 9-10, Midget)
            • 12 and Under (12U, 11-12, Novice)
            • 14 and Under (14U, 13-14, Schoolboy/Schoolgirl)
          4. Select a “Bracket…”
            • This will be the weight class you want to register for.
            • If you do not make weight for the weight you register for, you will have to forfeit and lose your registration fee.  If you are registering for 90 lbs then you must weigh 90 lbs or less.
            • The “register weight” is the weight class you are registering for.  The “actual weight” is the weight that you claim that you actually weigh.  Sometimes there are not enough registrants for a weight class to create a bracket.  When this occurs, a bracket may be created to group individuals in the weight classes above and below to attempt to get everyone a match.  These adjusted brackets will be created using the “actual weight.”
          5. Click “Add.”
        3. If you want to register more than one wrestler, repeat steps: i-v for each wrestler.
        4. Once you have finish registering each wrestler, “Click to Pay Now.”
        5. Enter your “Payer Information” and “Billing Address.”   Read the “Return/Refund Policy,” and click the box “I agree” if you agree.  Then click “Pay Now!”
        6. If your payment goes through, you are now Registered.
  6. TGA is not giving refunds for registrations but you can move your registration if you need to.  You will need to make this transfer prior to the deadline of registration.  If it is after the deadline, you can send an email to and ask for a transfer.  It will be to their discretion to do so.
  7. Each tournament is different.  Flyers for the tournaments can be found at
  8. See the TGA Beginner Tournament Standards for Beginner’s Tournament information.
  9. Wrestlers will be required to weigh in with their singlet or a t-shirt and shorts.  Wrestlers will weigh-in at the designated time for each tournament (tournaments’ times of weigh-ins and competition may vary):
    • Typical Open Tournaments:
      • Morning Weigh-in: 7:00 am – 7:30 am (you MUST be in line by 7:30 am in order to weigh-in) for the following groups: Pee Wee, Bantam, and Midget.
      • Wrestling will commence as soon as possible. With online registration, this should occur ideally by 8:00 a.m. for 10 year olds & younger.
      • Afternoon Weigh-in: 11:30 pm – 12:00 pm (you MUST be in line by 12:00 pm in order to weigh-in) for the following groups:  Novice and Schoolboy.
      • Wrestling will commence as soon as possible. With online registration, this should occur ideally by 12:30 p.m. for 11-14 year olds.
    • Typical Friday night’s Beginner’s Tournaments:
      • Weigh-in: 5:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (you MUST be in line by 5:30 p.m. in order to weigh-in) for all groups.
      • Wrestling will commence as soon as possible. With online registration, this should occur ideally by 6:00 p.m.
    • Typical Sunday’s Beginner’s Tournaments:
      • Weigh-in: 1:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. (you MUST be in line by 1:30 p.m. in order to weigh-in) for all groups.
      • Wrestling will commence as soon as possible. With online registration, this should occur ideally by 2:00 p.m.
  10. During the tournament, all wrestlers are expected to remain with the program and in the bleachers.  This enables the coaches and program members to easily locate the boys when necessary.  Wrestlers will be allowed to go to the restrooms and concession stand but should not leave the building.  Wrestlers will be allowed to stretch prior to each of their matches.  Please do not be running around and playing on the mats before or during competition.  This is how most of the injuries occur.
  11. Coaches, parents, and wrestlers should not crowd the mats.  This creates an unsafe environment for the wrestlers competing.
  12. Coaches, parents, and wrestlers are asked not to block the view of spectators sitting in the bleachers.  Be particularly aware of not blocking coaches’ and spectators’ view of the score board.
    • Coaches are asked to sit or kneel on the mat if standing up will prevent anyone from viewing the match or the score board.
  13. When two of our participants are competing against each other, whether in practice or in an actual competition, coaches are expected to refrain from coaching or cheering either participant.  We do not want to give any participant the impression that we favor one wrestler/participant over the other.  There are exceptions to this rule and will be explained in detail to the coaches.  Some of the exceptions are:
    • Coaches will be advising wrestlers/participants during practice while attempting to develop the wrestlers’ skills.
    • When two of our participants are competing against each other at the Qualifying and/or State Tournaments, a coach may be allowed to coach his own child and another coach may be allowed to coach his opponent.
  14. Wrestlers will be placed in tournament brackets with competitors who are as close as possible to their age and weight class.  If you are not in a “Round-Robin” bracket and you lose a match prior to the finals, then you are placed in a term called “wrestle backs” (or consolation rounds).  Once you enter the “wrestle backs”, the best you can place in the tournament is 3rd place with the exception of the State Qualifying Tournament.
  15. Wrestlers should not leave the tournament for any reason until notifying both the Head Coach and an Assistant Coach.  This is a courtesy to your team mates, coaches, and other program members who might be looking for a wrestler who has already left.
  16. Protective headgear is required but singlets are not.  A wrestler may wrestle in a t-shirt and shorts but it is highly recommended to wear a singlet.  This aids team mates, coaches, and other program members in locating the wrestler when necessary.
  17. During tournament competition, two coaches with a USA Coach’s Card (team appointed personnel) will be permitted at the edge of the mat.  For Open Tournaments, parents will not be permitted at the edge of the mat for the purpose of coaching.  This is a Team GA rule.  However, for Beginner’s Tournaments, any two individuals will be allowed in the coaches’ corner for each wrestler.  The individuals in the corners of Beginner’s Tournaments are not to exceed two but can be coaches, parents, etc.
  18. During tournament competition, boys may wrestle girls from other programs or schools.
  19. Downloading and printing your child’s wrestling bracket. Normally available on Friday afternoons, Track Wrestling posts the brackets of the upcoming tournament.  Below are some instructions on getting yours.
    1. Go to:
    2. Select the Tournament from the list.
      • You can locate the tournament by clicking Tournaments “Search” button at the top of the list of tournaments.
        • Fill in some or all the information about the tournament, then click “Search.”  I typically just enter the state, Georgia, and click “Search.”
        • Select the Tournament from the new list.
    3. Select the “Enter Tournament” button below the list.
    4. Click the “Results” menu.
    5. Select “Brackets” from the dropdown list.
    6. Select your son’s weight class below the appropriate Age group.
    7. Select the “Print” button.
    8. When you print, make sure to adjust the printing parameter for Landscape page orientation.  This makes the bracket print full page.
  20. Results for each bracket in a tournament are posted on Track Wrestling: after each event and usually available the next day.  Please print the results and turn them into the CMPW.  We use these results for awards at the end of the season.  It is a good idea to keep up with the scores during your child’s match because mistakes are often made.

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